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Hong Kong Trip - February 2018


We have just returned (9th February 2018) from our first ever trip to Hong Kong.   This was arranged following a visit to our home last year to view our Model Bus Collection by enthusiast Yonie Sung. 


Yonie has had an interest in buses for many years and owns three historic Hong Kong buses including a 1963 Guy Single Deck obtained in 2007 which he has restored.  We were invited to attend the Annual “Icons on the Islands Motoring Clubs Festival 2018 on Sunday 4th February which took place on Hong Kong Island next to City Hall, Central.  Alongside Yonie’s buses were hundreds of classic cars and 50 vehicle clubs.  An amazing turn-out with thousands of visitors attending this second event to be held in the City.  Amongst the many clubs were a large Mini Display, VWs, Landrovers, Mercedes, MG Car Club, BSA Motorcycle Club, Hong Kong Classic Car Club plus lots more.   A great day out for owners and enthusiasts as there are no Transport Museums in Hong Kong.  Thanks to Ian Foster and his team for a superb show.

On the Monday 5th February Yonie met up with us and we had an enjoyable time visiting various toy shops on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong and also went to see his full size buses.  After our shopping expedition he had arranged for us to have a typical traditional Chinese meal with two of his fellow enthusiasts whom we had met on the Sunday – Gary Yu and C.K. Chow.  At the restaurant C.K. Chow had brought along a number of models he had converted to show us and also gave us a model for our own collection.  Thanks to you all for a very enjoyable evening.


Model Collectors cannot be disappointed at the amazing selection of both model and toy buses for sale on the Island. Specialist model bus shops, include “Network Shuttle”, “80M Bus” model shop, a “TOMY/TOMICA” shop, and “TINY TOYS” and the “Hong Kong Tram Station Store”  which is in the Peak Galleria adjacent to the Peak Tram summit seem to  provide the collectors with not only Hong Kong models but also sell many other brands from across the World.  For those visiting Hong Kong Island a trip up “Toy Street” i.e. Tai Yuen Street, in Wan Chai district is a must and we obtained many additions for our collection from these numerous traders.



Special mention must go to our time spent with Steve NG, Director of Toyeast  Limited  (TINY TOYS).  We were made very welcome and Steve NG presented us with a number of models to add to our collection.  Thanks for your hospitality and also the piece that followed on your facebook page.

See image below of facebook page from TINY Toys to their followers regarding our visit.


We must mention Clifton Lo of Network Shuttle for his help.  They have a vast selection of model buses from many manufacturers.


80M Bus Model Shop

They have a number of branches throughout Hong Kong and Kowloon and offer a very extensive range of bus models and accessories.



Hong Kong the City that never seems to sleep with the many shopping malls and traffic.  Always very busy, street after street full of shops, restaurants and bars.  A paradise for bus enthusiasts be it the real thing along with a very busy tram system plus the famous Peak Tramcar which carries over eleven thousand passengers a day up to the highest point in Hong Kong.  You need to be very early to get on the tram without having to queue for hours.

In a week it was hard to cover all Hong Kong has to offer, but we were pleased to obtain 49 different items to add to our collection.    We found it a very enjoyable experience with so many people keen to help and talk to us about our collection and advise us on finding more items.  Time ran out for us to check out all our leads and we will continue with our search and help from many new friends which I am sure will continue to increase our Hong Kong section of our collection.  We are still searching for a number of items from Hong Kong and hope to be able to add them to the collection at some time in the future.   Any help would be appreciated.  In particular the Kee Wah Bakery produced a tin tram for cookies which we understand is now discontinued.  Also there is a set of Hong Kong Bath Toys, Tram, D/D Bus and Single Deck Bus produced by Jing a Ling.  

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