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Hotel Press Day


The Royal Palms Beach Hotel, Kalutara again arranged for a press day for us on the 7th October 2016 which was attended by journalists/reporters and TV.  The Sri Lanka Press publish papers in three different languages and there were five crews representing the TV Media of Sri Lanka/Asia also in attendance.  See below some of the pictures taken from the wonderful day which was had.  The setting was under the "Gazeebo" which is usually for special romantic dinners overlooking the beach and the sea.  As you can see from the pictures Geoff's birthday cake was not cut on his birthday the day before as it was required to be part of the Press Day coverage.  The press however enjoyed eating some of it as a treat once the filming had finished.


Pictures below taken by the Hotel Photographer  of the press day proceedings

Sunday Times - Sri Lanka 

Following a visit to our home the week prior to departure, the Sunday Times Magazine featured a full page article on our collecting lifestyle and Sri Lanka trips.  Our thanks to the Travel Editor of Sunday Times/Daily Mirror, Sanath Weerasuriya and his wife Deepith for the hospitality given to us on this year's visit.


Sri Lankan Media/Presentation Night                   - 14th October 2016

We were invited to attend the Kalutara Town Club by the local Media team on the evening of Friday 14th October for drinks and snacks but what a surprise we were going to get.  During the evening one of the members who spoke excellent English stood up, drew the room to attention and went on to read out a tribute to Geoff and his wife Linda for their services to the Sri Lanka Media Association which covers Press, Radio and TV for their co-operation given to them during the last 14 years and support, time and patience in dealing with both the newspapers of Sri Lanka and TV Stations.


It was also mentioned the positive support we had given to the Country during our stays and presented us with a special award to recognise this.


This came as a complete shock to receive such an award and Geoff then responded that we both felt very proud and honoured to receive such an accolade and priveleged to be able to offer our support to so many people.   We hope to be able to meet up with many of them again in future years.


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