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Earlier in the month we had a surprise visitor come and see our growing collection. Raymond Wickett used to work on our Classic Car and Transport Shows for many years before we retired from organising them in 2015 and for a few years moved away from the Midlands area to live in Wales.  However he recently contacted us to say he was back in West Bromwich and wanted to come and see how our collection had progressed since we were last in touch.  



Between April and August 2021 the cleaning of entire bus collection has been completed and during this time a number of media people came along to photograph this activity.  Many have probably spotted pictures and reports in local and national papers and indeed international papers as some were done through a press agency.   Items of interest will be the video on Utube and also on Friday 1st October at 12.15pm there will be a segment on BBC TV Bargain Hunt where presenter Natasha Raskin-Sharp paid a visit and spoke to Geoff about the collection.


2020 was a very difficult year for all Collectors since March when all Toy and Train Fairs along with the outdoor Classic Car and Transport Shows were shut down due to COVID-19.  We have lost our popular Walsall Wood Toy and Train Fair since then but hope to resume as soon as regulations permit these to take place later this year


We missed visiting many of our collector friends both at home and abroad but still managed to add to our collection through internet purchases and from a number of collectors who have been ‘down sizing’.


As at 1st January 2021 the collection stands at 14,868 different models.


Linda retired from work at the end of May 2020 and during the summer months spent time working on the garden, but as winter approached decided to tackle ‘the model bus collection’ .  So the massive task of cleaning and sorting out the displays was taken on by us and to date we have completed over half of the collection.  A few pictures below give you a taster of some of the vast collection we have and the enormous job it was to clean all the cabinets up.



New Year’s Day the Express and Star photographer Tim Sturgess paid us a visit “under strict regulations” I must add to photograph us both during the clean up.  See article and some pictures below


Metro News Sri Lanka 24th January 2021.


We missed our annual visit to Sri Lanka in September 2020 due to COVID restrictions however one of the many journalists we have become good friends with over the years still did an article on us in January 2021 about our collection and we hope to be able to meet up again for our 18th annual visit as soon as overseas travel are permitted. Unfortunately we are unable to translate the writing on the article as it is in one of the many Sri Lanka languages.               



Our Collection continues to grow even with no Toy and Train Fairs.  We do not see much movement on Toy Fairs starting up until perhaps late June or even longer.  However we have continued to add to the collection through a number of collectors and families contacting us with collections for sale.


We were recently able to add 38 different VW microbuses from a collection of over 800 VW models of all vans, campers and bus types.




Children’s Bus Conductor Outfits/Machines 1930’s-1970’s.

Another project we have been assisting with for an article for the Transport Ticket Society Magazine.  We have many of these different items in our collection with around 59 different sets being produced although many of them contain the same ticket machine punch – there are known to be around 25 different names and type variants.  An interesting subject which many of the older collectors will remember from their childhood days.  Some of these items have become very collectable over the past few years.    Pictures below are some of the examples we have in our collection.



On the 7th September 2019 the Express and Star Newspaper featured Guinness World Record Holders and Geoff appeared along with his model bus collection. The Feature Editor did not however check the correct information as they had him down as “A Bus Driver” – never in his lifetime has Geoff driven a bus. Also whilst the editorial said Geoff was a show organiser that was partly correct as he and Linda retired from the Classic Car Shows they organised in September 2015 but have continued with the Toy and Train Fairs at Walsall Wood since.


Our Annual visit to Sri Lanka took place late September/early October and once again we  returned with 37 more interesting models.  This brought our total collection up to 908 buses from Sri Lanka over the past 17 years.  Again we must thank all the Management and Staff at the Royal Palms Beach Hotel for their hospitality and the many traders who helped in our search for models. 

More pictures are available by clicking on the link at the side – Sri Lanka 2019

In November our Toy and Train Collectors Fair at Oak Park, Walsall Wood was again very busy and trader/model bus collector Ian Johnson along with his wife Elaine had four tables full of model buses as they were selling their collection.  Ian has been a trader at many fairs and bus events and over the years collected many bus models for himself.  I was pleased to obtain a few buses for my own collection and Linda and I wish them both well in their planned retirement to the Isle of Wight in early 2020.


December – A number of new Alloy Toy Buses and Trolleybuses arrived from China via Ali Express.  This is a good site for searching models produced in China and not freely available in the UK.  Check the site via google for further details.



Another BUS’y’ Christmas brought along some new additions to the collection with presents from the family.





January 2020 – An update on the collection now totals 14,722 as of 1st January 2020.

On 5th January 2020 our first Toy and Train for the year took place.  The Express and Star promoted the event with Geoff and Linda on the front page.


The show was one of the busiest with a full house of traders and plenty of visitors.  It was great to talk with a number of collectors whom I had not been in touch with for a few years.


Dave Cole from Bromsgrove brought along a large number of model buses from a collection of German models acquired from a collector who had retired.  A number of these buses have been added to my collection and included many unusual/rare items.

New Book on Model Buses by Simon Stanford produced by Amberley Books and available from early January 2020 from various book shops or on line.


“Diecast Model Buses” with 94 pages – softback – covers mostly diecast British Model Buses from Simon’s own collection amassed over 40 years with six pages devoted to my own “General Collection” of Buses from across the world.  Picture below




Towards the end of July and August we have been busy preparing for the return of our L'Autopede De Belgium 1955 Carousel Bus which was purchased in May 2000 and had been stored at the premises of the late Bill Whittaker in West Bromwich.  The interior seating has been restored and we hope to have work on the bodywork and chassis, along with new wheels started in the near future.

Three other vehicles have also now transferred to us from Bill's collection and transported to our premises in Walsall.   Following a quick service and clean they are now displayed with our other miniature coaches. 


1. The smallest of the vehicles is a 1957 Italian Fairground Coach by SBF.  This was

    known as the Rocket Bus - Bill purchased this in January 1991 from Blackpool

    Pleasure Beach after being in store for a few years.


2. A 1997 Cointronics 5ft 6in long Double Deck Bus in full working order now looking "as

    good as new".  This was obtained in 2010.


3. The largest is the 13ft 3in long motorised 1984 "Epsom Coaches" Plaxton Paramount

    Coach built by Barry Wohlman and Friends and used at Queen Mary's Children's

    Hospital, Carshalton, Surrey for fund raising and was used up to the closure in 1997. 

    After a few years in store it was sold to Bill Whittaker in June 2001.  

Our Toy and Train Collectors Fair at Walsall Wood on the 1st Septemer was again well supported and we look forward to meeting our customers next on Sunday 17th November 2019.  Good news is that the new extra car parking with approx. 200 new spaces is now open.


Our normal break to Sri Lanka is coming up and we look forward to meeting up with our many friends once again.


Don't forget the next Autumn Running Day event at Aston Manor Museum, Aldridge on Sunday 20th October, 2019 - 10am - 4pm.  We will be attending.



A number of new models have arrived in the past couple of months bringing the collection total as at 28th July 2019 to 14,641 models.


A couple of interesting models were two "Mini" Brick Buses.  A Balody Top Double Deck with 1270 small pieces and a Loz Diamond Bus Duck Boat with only 546 pieces.  Son, Nicholas, was up to the challenge starting with the Loz kit which only took 3.5 hours.  However the Double Deck with more than double the pieces took him around 7 hours - not too bad considering the kits were suitable for ages six upwards.  The size of the Double Deck is 188mm and looks great.  See pics below of the Double Deck and also a School Brick Bus which has been made up. 

Early July - "A Trip to Prague" - 8th-12th July 2019

An amazing four days were spent in the Capital of the Czech Republic seeing fantastic historic buildings and Tramway system.  With hundreds of gift shops all over, finding model buses or trams was limited.  In many of the gift shops could be found three different Alloy Models, plus two tins were available representing the old Tram and the later models. 


There were Toy Shops including "Hamleys" and "Sparky's" alongside a number selling wooden products which included buses and trams.  Fox Toy Collectors Shop in Na Prikope 12, 2nd floor Cerna Ruze Shopping Centre contained many Russian Bus Models and a number of other interesting items from a magazine series so it is well worth a visit .  The Manager of Fox Toys Shop is pictured with a purchase Geoff made. 


Other picturs below show models in Fox Toys shop window alongside big display models full of toys in Hamleys big store and made up VW models which were also on display in the store.

With a number of OpenTop Tour Company's in the City, we found of particular interest the Original Open Top Worldwide Tour Buses who had a mocked up London Bus as their office and inside also card replica open top buses for leaflet displays.  Thanks to their Operations Manager, Liram Pasha, such a model was acquired with some leaflets accordingly to add to our collection.  see pics below.

Aston Manor Museum, Aldridge - Sunday 14th July 2019


We attended their Annual Running Day which included a number of stalls inside on Sunday 14th July.  A good day but this Museum needs support to keep it open - next event is on the 20th October 2019.

The last couple of weeks have been spent arranging our display areas for some new arrivals - Pictures and information to follow in a few weeks' time.



Classic Motor Monthly - May 2019 Issue 362


Picture below of the front page showing Linda & Geoff Price with Ann Hodson CMM Publisher at the Weston Park, Shropshire Classic Car Show - Keep up the good work John and Ann with the paper.



Geoff and Linda were both delighted to attend the 32nd Anniversary of the Classic Transport Show held annually at Weston Park on Easter Sunday/Monday 21st/22nd  April 2019.

This was a special occasion for ourselves, as we had organised this event from 1987–2015. We were invited along to meet up with long- time friends and supporters of all our events, John and Ann Hodson, who launched Classic Motor Monthly – called the Autojumbler – at our 2nd event held at Weston Park in 1989 which was 30 years ago on Sunday 21st April.  What an achievement for the newspaper/magazine still being published today.  Although it is available on subscription it is also available free of charge at many classic car events and autojumbles throughout the country.  John and Ann have worked so hard on this over the 30 years and it has given great support to the classic car enthusiasts and event organisers over the years.

Weston Park has so many memories for us going back to 1987 with ups and downs in the Easter weather – snow – rain – cold and scorching hot weather – we have had it all over the years – but this year we were greeted with one of the hottest days of the year. 

It was also nice to catch up with Stuart Craddock, Park Operations Manager and two of his trusty staff – Richard and Martin – all who have been working at Weston since we came along in the 1980’s.

The turnout from both exhibitors and public was excellent and the event will surely continue to grow once again.

Thanks to everyone who made us so welcome – It was impossible to talk to all the exhibitors and traders – many who we had promised to go back to – but our time there was limited and we hope to be able to catch up with some of you again on another occasion. 

At the end of the day good-luck to John and Ann at CMM – don’t retire yet as your free publication will be sorely missed by thousands of enthusiasts/readers.

See pictures below which were taken at the event.



Surprise visit on the 18th April 2019 from Geoff's sister Glenda and her daughter Mandy who we had not seen for a number of years.  Mandy was quite shocked at how the collection had grown over the years.  However I am sure she must have been thinking about us earlier in the year when in Australia with Glenda as they brought back some model trams and buses for the collection.


See Mandy below admiring the collection in the loft space.




It has been sometime since the last update, but the collection continues to grow and now stands at 14,587 models.


Due to a number of circumstances we have not had the opportunity to visit many events.  However we have had our Toy and Train Collector Fairs at the Oak Park Active Living Centre in both January and March which have been very well supported.


Our next event is on Sunday 12th May 2019.


"ON THE BOX"  - Geoff was once again featured on National TV with his buses introducing the start of Channel Four's "Come Dine With Me" not so much a model collectors programme but a competition around people on "cooking".  The programme always starts with something interesting or quirky from the area of where competitors live and this episode was from the Midlands and aired on Tuesday 26th  March at 5.30pm on Channel Four.    See some pictures from the programme below.

CLASSIC MOTOR MONTHLY - Congratulations on 30 years of Classic Motor Monthly


On reading the April 2019 issue of the above newspaper Geoff and Linda would like to congratulate John and Ann Hodgson founders of Classic Motor Monthly and Autojumbler for achieving 30 years of their excellent free newspaper.  The current edition mentions ourselves as the original organisers of the Midlands Festival of Transport that took place at Weston Park, Shropshire over Easter Weekend from 1988 to 2015.  John and Ann attended our show in 1988 to launch their Classic Motor Monthly & Autojumbler  newspaper.  They are still producing this free newspaper 30 years on and the Weston Park event  for which both of us have many great memories, John and his team were always supportive of our shows over the years.  The event still continues at Weston Park be it now under new management and we wish the new organisers and the management team at Weston Park well.


Geoff remembers writing in the Sandwell Historic Vehicle Show programme for Sunday 10th May 1999 edition an article on  " Classic Motor Monthly - 10 Years on"    This is reproduced  below.



** Classic Motor Monthly lists the Toy Collector Fair dates each month on their Collectors World page including our event at Oak Park Active Living Centre, Walsall Wood.  For details of the publication go to:




- 25th November 2018


On Sunday 25th November 2018, Geoff and Linda attended the Collectors Fair at Aston Manor Transport Museum, Aldridge – the Museum’s final event for the year. It was not as busy as usual but it was a very cold day.  One of the visitors informed Geoff that it was 40 years ago he had attended our first Historic Vehicle Show at West Bromwich (Sandwell) on Sunday 14th May 1978 with his vehicle which he still displays today.  As a memory see copy of the first programme cover for the event pictured above that we organised along with Sandwell Council for the next 32 years.

All the shows were amazing, attracting up to 80,000 visitors at its peak, but sadly the 9th May 2010 was to be our last Sandwell Vehicle Show event and it subsequently folded two years later.



On Monday 3rd December 2018 Geoff welcomed the film crew from Shiver Productions, London to his home to film a scene for a well-known Channel 4 TV programme to be broadcast next year.  We cannot release the name of the programme until it is published for viewing in 2019.



Our next planned event is our Toy & Train Collectors Fair at the Oak Park Active Living Centre, Coppice Road, Walsall Wood, on Sunday 6th January 2019.  Come and see us then – Doors open 10.30am - 3.00pm.




Our 15th Annual holiday to Sri Lanka took place late September early October to coincide with Geoff's 68th Birthday which marked the 60th Anniversary of his collecting model buses. 


Report on the 39 new model buses obtained alongside photographs of our visit which included the arrival, birthday celebrations, media coverage and pictures of our visit to a local pre school can be found by visiting the Sri Lanka 2018 section listed on the side panel.



Its's been a busy summer period refurbishing the garage and exhibits.  Model collection now at 14,452 and looking forward to celebrating 60 years of collecting buses in October.  Recently purchased the Wallace Arnold Coach pictured - produced by Duple Coachworks Blackpool in 1986 measuring 5ft 6in long.  


HONG KONG VISIT - 1st-8th February 2018


Started off the month with our first ever trip to Hong Kong.  An amazing experience - obtained plenty of model buses for the collection - attended their Annual Transport Show and lots more.  Full report and pictures on our Hong Kong section..

see link on lefthand side panel.




15th February we were pleased to welcome long time friend, collector, tourist guide, author, and lots more Roger Bailey and partner from Coventry.  We first met in the 1970's at the Coventry Model Club event.  Roger had an amazing range of early Dinky Toy Buses in all colours and variations along with extensive collection of books and photographs. 


Roger's last visit was to our previous home over 20 years ago  as a guide with the American Toy Collectors Tourists - May 1996!!  So it was a pleasure to welcome them both to see the much extended collection at our Walsall home.



A number of models were added to the collection over the Christmas period and at the  start of the New Year the total stands at 14,253.    2018 will bring a special date in October for Geoff as on  6th October 1958 his parents bought him his first Dinky toy bus this started a lifetime interest and 60 years on still continues today.

7th January was our first Toy Fair for 2018 at Oak Park Active Living Centre, Walsall Wood, another enjoyable day meeting up with a number of people some who I had not seen for a few years.   Attending the event was Express and Star Photographer Tim Thursfield – another blast form the past’ – A nice piece appeared in the Newspaper and video on line with a number of photographs (This can be found under the Toy Fair Section) + pics.



Tim Thursfield followed this meeting up with a visit to our home after a number of years for an ‘update on our collection’.  This appeared in all editions of the Express and Star on Monday 15th January 2018 with video and pictures on line to compliment the article.


See Link below for latest interview of Geoff on UTube by the Express & Star Newspaper Photographer Tim Thursfield  regarding his Guinness World Record Model Bus Collection


Following the Express and Star feature the rest of the week has been spent with numerous media attention given to our collection.


BBC Radio WM – Daz Hale was at our home at 6.45am for an early link with the ‘Alex Lester at Breakfast’ programme (16th January 2018) broadcast at around 7.15am.  A video made by Daz of the collection is also on the BBC Radio Twitter page. 

BBC TV – Arrived later that morning to film Geoff and Linda with their extensive collection – This appeared on BBC Midlands Today 16th January News Programme at 6.30pm.  The reporter, Audrey Dias, made an amazing production on this and also the online video that followed

Wednesday 17th January

This day was taken up by News Team International with photographer Anita Maric Adams taking hundreds of photographs of the collection in all rooms and also a video for distribution to the UK and World Media.  These pictures/article have since appeared in numerous newspapers, including the Metro and on News Channels in Australia (Channel 7 News) Fox News USA, New York Post and China.

BBC Local Radio Network – Evening Programme – 7pm-10pm presented by Georgey Spanswick froms BBC Jersey – We were on a live link talking about our hobby and lifestyle over the years.  This was broadcast across 40 local BBC stations in the UK.

Thursday 18th January – We were pleased to welcome George Hancorn producer and presenter from the Local ‘Made in Birmingham’ TV Channel – available on SKY 117 – Virgin 158 and Freeview 7.  The company owns a number of local stations and have only been on air for twelve months.


George was very enthusiastic and along with his cameraman spent 3 hours filming and doing interviews for their Thursday 18th Evening News programme at 6pm and the Friday 19th BIG DAILY Programme at 6.30pm with an extended version.

click on the link below to see the video of Made in Birmingham

Other links to stories and articles issued worldwide.


Man, 67, spends 60 years collecting 14,000 toy buses  via @YouTube


Walsall man showcases world record bus collection  via @YouTube


Retired couple collecting 14,000 toy buses  via @Y7News


Thursday 18th January also saw Toy Traders and Collectors Kevin and Julie paying us a visit on the evening for their first look at our collection to be completely overwhelmed by it all.


3RD- 6TH December 2017

A weekend of memories covering the past 50 years when long time friend Peter Newland from Leicester spent the weekend at our home.  Time was spent viewing the collection of buses and searching through the extensive photographs dating back to the late 1960’s when they first got together.  Peter has a wide range of interests and collections including Buses covering London Transport and Leicestershire with extensive knowledge on the subject backed up by thousands of photographs alongside an impressive collection of memorabilia of badges, signs, timetables, tickets and bus machines dating back to the early 1900’s.


A visit to the Manchester Collectors Event at the Transport Museum on the Saturday was very enjoyable, obtaining items for our collections and meeting up with many enthusiasts.


The next day was spent at the Black Country Museum, Dudley where we were made very welcome in the Transport Collection side and behind the scenes to view buses undergoing restoration.

The weekend finished with a visit to see another long time friend Keith Wortley at his home in Whitwick, Coalville.   Keith along with Geoff were the founder members of the East Midlands Area Omnibus Society in 1965 with Peter as an early recruit.  Keith’s interest is in Fleet Histories and Photographs of Buses throughout the UK back to the early days.  WOW! What amazing amount of information and reference records he has.  Photographs, books and information  plus  a model bus collector himself.  The Group purchased a 1950 Barton Bedford OB – see the story below.

FUN ON THE BUSES                                                         1950 Barton Bedford OB - LRR 655

In 1969 the Group E.M.A.O.E.S. purchased a 1950 Ex-Barton Bedford OB Touring Coach – LRR 655 (594) in poor condition.  It was last operated by South Notts (68) between 1959-1965.  Was restored by the Group in 1970/71 and attended many Steam Shows and Bus Rallies across the country.


In June 1974 extensive work to the body,  glazed sliding roof, engine was carried out by Leicester Carriage Builders and was back again on the road and looked amazing.  After a few more years  the coach required more extensive work to the electrics and other problems and it fell in to a rather sad state when the Group finished in the early 1980’s.  It was sold to another enthusiast down South but the vehicle never got back on the road and was subsequently scrapped.   There were some amazing memories of this era.  Breaking down on Trent Bridge, Nottingham on the ‘Robin Hood Transport Run’ – running out of petrol on the M1 Motorway – Brake failure on Beacon Hill in Woodhouse, coming to a stop outside the Church in Old Woodhouse.  Great times with the Group and Keith “No problem” Wortley as our driver.


Out of interest we did acquire a 1934 Leyland Cub from Lynch of Besthorpe in Newark in a very poor state but trying to ‘tow it’ back to Leicester with a breakdown vehicle it suffered extensive bodywork collapse and at the destination ended up a complete wreck – This went for scrap.  Perhaps the success story was the purchase of Bedford OB CUT 465 from Morton Potter, Leicester.  This was originally a Bedford OWB purchased in July 1944 by Jacques of Coalville and rebodied in 1952.  The Society sold CUT 465 on to Ron Dews Coaches of Somersham who restored it and the coach still attends bus rallies and events today.





From Turkey comes another 8 models for the collection including two replica tin trams.  A large resin London Moneybox and two new diecast coaches.  thanks to my sister Glend for keeping a look out on her most recent trip.


A visit to Japan by Clive and Kim Chick adds another 19 different items in various shapes and sizes.  The largest being a new HATO Resin Double Deck Bus.  The latest castings from Diapet and Tomica and a tin bus from the 1950's.  Clive and Kim have been adding models to our Japanese section of the collection with visits over 12 years and the latest total brings to 1,283 items they have located from all over Japan.

COLLECTORS GAZETTE - November 2017 Issue


"A Busman's Holiday" - Pages 34 and 35.


A two page feature on our Guinness World Record Model Bus Collection has appeared in the November 2017 issue now on sale.  - See below.

JULY 2017


We have had another busy few weeks travelling across the UK to catch up with both family members and collectors who we have not seen for a number of years.  It has also been a period where we have added over 100 models to the collection with a number being obtained from friends on their holidays, across the world.


Of particular note catching up with Peter Cox at his home in Dorking.  A Bus Collector who we have known for over 30 years.  Peter has written various articles and produced publications on model buses over a long period.  Picture below of Geoff and Peter Cox.

We were pleased to once again support our local Aston Manor Road Transport Museum at Aldridge at their recent Open Day where they had a number of their preserved buses operating "Free" rides for visitors.  We were inside the Museum with a very large stall selling off surplus models from previous collections we had acquired.  It was good to chat with so many collectors and bus enthusiasts on this occasion.  This Museum needs support from visitors at events to make it a long term viability and a great success story.  - Please see pictures below.

We seem to have alloy/diecast buses arriving daily from China - Here are some of the latest to arrive - our thanks to all our local suppliers who work through Ali Express.


As you can see from the pictures below the headlights light up and they actually make sounds- some even have talking drivers!!


Another late arranged surprise visit from our friend in Hong Kong - Yonie Sung.   He was over on his own for a week looking over another 'Hong Kong' Bus (full size) in the north of the UK.  He was hoping to add to his three full size buses he already has in Hong Kong. Although this could remain in the UK for restoration if he is successful with the purchase.  Very pleased he brought along a number of Hong Kong models for the collection this time 'catching' up with the 'Tiny models' Hong Kong collection - thanks to him and the Tiny Management for their help with catalogue and models.


It looks like he has also talked us in to a return visit in February 2018 to see him and attend their large Classic Vehicle Show in Hong Kong.  He will be displaying his own restored Buses along with many others alongside cars - the opportunity to ride on these vehicles and the chance to visit 'Tiny Toys' HQ is an opportunity we could not turn down.  Pictures below of Yonie Sung seeing our collection.

Collection Reaches 14,000 Model Buses and Trams


The past month records another milestone for our collection with a large number of models added from a number of sources taking the total to 14,038.


Amongst the latest items to arrive have been a large number of diecast and alloy toy buses produced in China and obtained from a several suppliers on Ali Express.  Many have been obtained through Daz Auto trading as Baby Home No. 1.  My contact Emily Wang has been very helpful in sourcing many different models for us and I thank them all for the excellent service and superb buses added to the collection.

A recent visit from my sister, Glenda and husband Roy to visit our displays also included a trip to Birmingham.  Glenda kindly included a picture of us both alongside the Birmingham Bull on her facebook page so I returned the favour with a picture taken of her in 1956 sixty years ago at Great Yarmouth in front of the Seagull Miniature Coach.  I think is should have been me on the picture as I was the bus collector not her! However she has continued to search for models and followed my collection ever since.



We were pleased to welcome Journalist and Author Ann Evans and Photographer Rob Tysall who spent four hours at our home to produce a feature on our collection which will appear in a magazine in the next couple of months.  "Watch this space".


It was a very enjoyable visit with lots of photographs taken and time spent reminiscing about collecting overs 58 years with plenty of stories told on how some of the models were obtained.


Ann herself is an accomplished author who has written many childrens, local history books and a number of romance novels over many years alongside her other journalistic works for many magazines/papers etc.

Hong Kong Bus Enthusiasts Visit


Geoff and Linda welcomed two Bus Enthusiasts from Hong Kong on a visit to their home to see there large Bus Collection on 12th April 2017.

Yonie Sung and Gary Yu from Kowloon spent over six hours viewing the collection.

Yonie a bus enthusiast from childhood owns three full size preserved Hong Kong buses and also owns a number of models.  His fellow enthusiast Gary also has a collection of Hong Kong model buses and is more into making his own scratchbuilt models.

Both were very impressed with the size and variation of the models from worldwide and found the Miniature Coaches extra special.  Amongst the other highlights were the plastic double deck buses produced in Hong Kong in the 60’s/70’s which were freely available in the UK at that time and also a large Hong Kong Card Double Deck promotional produced for a National Prize Draw in 1985.

Hundreds of photographs were taken by them to show their collecting friends  back in Hong Kong and a selection of our photographs taken are below.  We hope to welcome them both back next year with perhaps more fellow enthusiasts.

Geoff was given a gift of a ‘New’ Hong Kong Bus Tin which contained candy and a replica ‘Tiny Models’ KMB Leyland Victory Mk2 Double Deck diecast bus to match the Tin. Thanks to them both.

Another two buses added to the collection.


It was a Transtar Reunion on Tuesday 4th April 2017 when we welcomed Kevin Oakley and his partner Sylvie to visit our ever growing collection.  Kevin worked with us on our Classic Car Shows including setting up, judging, and was a popular commentator in the arena between 1992 and 2003 when he left for pastures new across the English Channel in France setting up a garage business.  It was great to meet up with him again after 14 years and he is still interested in models.  Joining us for later that evening was Steve and Linda Reading who also worked with us on the shows for many years and are still on the toy scene.


London Bus Museum – Brooklands Museum

Spent an enjoyable day in the sunshine, on my first visit to London Bus Museum at Weybridge, Surrey, on 30th March 2017 accompanied by my son Nicholas.  We spent hours viewing the exhibits at the London Bus Museum and the other displays on the Brooklands Museum site which included racing cars, motoring village and the amazing aircraft collection which includes the Concorde experience.

A great day out – thanks to the guides in the Bus Museum who made us so welcome – we will be back for sure in the future.  See pictures below.

Geoff and Linda Model Bus News


Pleased to meet up with our friend tim Sturgess, Express and Star Photographer at our Toy and Train Fair on Sunday 26th March at Oak Park Active Living Centre.  A collector himself!.  Took the opportunity to photograph Geoff and that picture appeared in Tuesday 28th March Express and Star.  Also pleased to welcome Dave and Linda Spink who visited our home following the Toy Fair to view the Collection.





Following months of refurbishments of our home having been completed it was time to get away on a “ Busman’s” holiday to the sunshine and a break in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria was the ideal place to go.

The experience brought back fond memories of over 30 years ago when in the 1980’s and 1990’s we made several visits and purchased many models for our collection mostly Spanish made including Guisval, Rico, Mira, Joal – tinplate, plastic, diecast – a great choice.    We were lucky enough in those days to be featured in the daily Diario De Las Palmas in October 1984.  Times however have now changed, still plenty of shops but model buses are harder to find.  Like in most countries interest in collecting toys and cars have diminished.

However, on the positive side, changes to the Island of Gran Canaria over the years has been immense with new shopping outlets, transport system, highways, pedestrian areas, cleaner streets and beaches.

Our search for models to add to our collection was not wasted with 21 different items being obtained.  Some diecast, plastic, resin and wood and a visit to the local Guaguas Municipales Transport office to purchase bus tickets resulted in us obtaining a soft toy bus, very nice Guaguas Bus USB stick and a metal keyring.  Our thanks to the helpful security man and counter assistant in helping us with this.

On a visit to the south of the Island we found a shop selling toys and added a couple of models.  The owner who had been selling toys for over 30 years reminisced about his stock of collectible model cars and buses as well as the collectors who used to regularly visit his shop.  Times have now changed but he still had a few old Joal models on the shelves and some newer diecasts.

During the visit we also came across a worldwide city sightseeing opentop bus tours in Las Palmas itself.   They had in the Global Bus Station in Old Triana (the old town) a stand promoting their tours and we were fortunate enough to be able to speak to the representative there who had a cardboard miniature version with leaflets in on the top of the bus and was able to photograph it but unfortunately we were unable to bring these items back.

Hopefully sometime in the future we will return again as we thoroughly enjoyed the break there.


NEWS - OUT AND ABOUT - 20th September 2016

Sri Lankan Photographic Journalist visits Geoff and Linda Model Bus Collection in UK


As a pre-cursor to our trip to Sri Lanka we had the pleasure to host Sanath Weerasuriya, Editor TV, Entertainment and Travel for the Sunday Times/Daily Mirror in Sri Lanka and his wife to our home for a couple of days on their visit to the UK to view, photograph and report our vast collection of model buses and lifestyle.  During their visit Geoff and his son took them on a local site seeing visit to the City of Birmingham which included Edgbaston Cricket Ground and world renowned Cadburys World at Bournville.





Tune in on SUNDAY 15TH NOVEMBER 2015 to WCR FM on 101.8 between 5pm - 6pm for the "Inside Tracks" Progamme presented by Pete Whitehouse.


Geoff's  life story is the topic this Sunday as Pete chats to Geoff and charts his life through his early days including work, his Guinness World Record Collection of Model Buses, Family Life, TV and Media work, organising Transport Shows over 40 years and also Toy and Train Collectors Fairs and his trips abroad to Sri Lanka collecting his models plus lots more.....  The ten music tracks throughout the programme have been selected from amongst Geoff's favourites over the years.


If you miss out this programme can be found available on your computer during the next few weeks under LISTEN AGAIN on the following link:


My thanks to Presenter Pete Whitehouse and Engineer for the programme Andy Walters  - programme produced at WCR Studios, Wolverhampton.




- 16th August 2015


After gracing the front of the Bere Regis & District Coaches booking office in Dorchester for many years between 1979 and the early 1990's the Miniature Coach returned back to Dorchester for the first time in 18 years and brought memories flooding back to many people who referred to the miniature as 'the Mascot for Dorchester'.


Geoff and Linda Price, Guinness World Record holders for the largest Model Bus Collection of over 13,600 models purchased the Miniature Coach back in May 1997 as part of their collection which includes 12 other Miniature Coaches.


The couple were delighted to be invited to bring it back to Dorchester for a special event at the Top o'Town car park on Sunday 16th August when a special event was held to Celebrate the History of the Bere Regis & District Motor Services with the launch of a new fleet history book on the Company by Stuart Shelton.  Also available was an earlier book titled Bere Regis & District, The Life and Times of Country Busmen by Andrew Waller.  Both Stuart and Andrew were on hand to sign copies on the day.


Organised by the Westcountry Historic Omnibus & Transport Trust (WHOTT), the 'free event' included displays of buses and Free rides throughout the day covering the old Bere Regis Bus Routes.


The car park was busy throughout the day with Bus Enthusiasts and many ex Bere Regis employees attending. 


It was a privelege to meet so many people who had memories of the Miniature Coach since Bere Regis purchased it in 1962.  Some of riding in it at fetes and carnivals in the early years and of the years it spent over the main booking office.


Geoff and Linda would welcome if anyone who has early pictures of the Bere Regis Miniature Coach that we could add on to our Bere Regis section could contact us by email at:


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