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BIRTHDAY SURPRISES !!    6th October 

Geoff was expecting a busy day as the Sri Lanka Media had been arranged to arrive at 10.30am.   However neither he nor Linda could have foreseen things would kick off earlier than that.  However at just after 8am whilst on the way to breakfast going their normal route through main reception they were greeted with loud music of "Happy Birthday To You"  for Geoff and a full Reception of hotel Management and staff ready to welcome us with a Special Chocolate Birthday Cake.  What an early shock to start the day.  Thanks to everyone who took part including other hotel customers who may have wondered what was going on.    This was an extra surprise as we knew that the Chef had already arranged a Bus Cake for Geoff's birthday which we were to have for the Media part of the day. So in fact Geoff actually had two birthday cakes.  


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